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September 2018

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  What is an Expansion Tank?

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PostSubject: What is an Expansion Tank?   Fri Mar 10, 2017 10:29 pm

An expansion tank is a small tank that is generally used to contain excess water pressure within domestic and closed water heating systems. Thermal expansion is created during the heating of water, which can lead to problems if the system does not have a way to store some of the excess amounts of water and steam. The tank itself is designed to have two separate sections, each side separated by a rubber diaphragm, which allows the tank to push steam from one side to the other without having to manually expel it. Domestic applications of this device are also equipped to conform to basic drinking water regulations, so these tanks allow a heating system to vent pressure properly without causing a decrease in every day usability.

The basic purpose of the expansion tank is to ensure that the plumbing lines stay full with water, and that the thermal expansion does not burst pipes or heating units. As the temperature rises, the water within the pipes expand when the expansion tank takes over. It allows the excess volume to flow into it. After the temperature decreases the water will contract, leaving open spaces within the pipes. Once again, the expansion tank solves this problem by expelling the extra amounts of volume that it has stored, allowing the plumbing lines to stay full of fluid at all times. The less air that plumbing lines have, the better the entire system works.


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What is an Expansion Tank?

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