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February 2019

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 Self-defense training

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PostSubject: Self-defense training    Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:07 pm

Do not try to reach the excellence in martial arts or karate. Just focus on some moves and techniques that will help you to stay alive in front of an attacker.

A. If the attacker approaches you from behind, knock down his shin bone throwing off your heel at it. Even if your attacker is well-built, he will fall on the streets. But my advice is to avoid high-heeled shoes as much as you can. Usually, they will slow down your pace while you are trying to escape from the attacker.

B. If someone is heading towards you suddenly, punch hard at the bridge of his nose. If the attacker approaches you from behind, jerk your head back and hit on the nose. If you are good at your aim, then you can get your life-and-death seconds to run away. Let him torment of his aching or bleeding nose.

C. Another technique is to grasp the ear of your attacker and squeeze his eye with your thumb. The assailant will be busy then rubbing his painful eye. What should you do now? RUN!

D. You may carry pepper spray or other kinds of aerosol spray in your handbag. It causes momentary blindness to an attacker. But do you know that pepper spray may become ineffective sometimes? Moreover, if you miss your aim, I mean to say, suppose the spray hit the cheek of the assailant instead of the eye, he may become even more violent.



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Self-defense training

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